Banknote Sorting Machine : CM100



CM100 is a two-in-one sorting machine in a compact size, which is capable of bank note value counting and fitness sorting.



Sensor technology
Double image line sensor with high resolution
Full face magnetic line sensor
Thickness sensor can detect tapes, broken or sticky double notes

Sorting technology
Fitness & counterfeit sorting
Denomination sorting
Batch arrangement (0-200 notes)

Serial number capturing
CM100 can be connected to a PC or a printer to track and record the banknote’s ID.

None stop operation
With the none stop operation design, an user can keep feeding banknotes into the hopper.

Easy maintenance
Should any note jam or foreign object in the transportation section, just open the upper unit and remove it.

User friendly LCD display
The display can indicate the working status of the machine as well as the data message of the banknotes.