Cash Recyclers : H68NL



The H68N series are cutting-edge cash recyclers, which shift heavy counter transactions and frequent cash replenishment to self-service and self-replenishment zone. With high capacity, Serial Number Tracking technology, biometric authentication and coin dispensing features, they are capable of supporting big volume transactions, delivering advanced and reliable service to customers, and extending banking channel and value-added service for different scenarios.



SeNT Serial Number Tracking
Featured with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for cash tracing and tracking, H68N series are capable of recording the serial numbers of notes in and out of the machines, providing support of account reconciliation, fraud and cash shrinkage management for the financial institutions.

Non-stop Incentive
H68N series can deliver value-added service like currency exchange, utility payment and coin changes dispensing in many applications to extend banking channels, and to generate incomes from 3'd party payment solution providers.

Optimized Configuration
Flexible configurable to bulk depository, combination of cash depository only, dispensing only, cash depository and dispensing or cash recycling, easily adjustable to required settings subjecting to local regulations and transaction rules in different networks, optimize customization to meet customer expectation.

Unrivalled Innovation
Seamless and intelligent cassette exchange between H68N series and other GRG deposit machines, delivers cost-effective yet advanced and secure service for customers. The intelligent and unified cassette in H68N series backs up an end-to-end solution (Cash 4-AlI) to build up a multi-parties' management platform.

Premier Security
Built-in anti-skimming solution and auto cleaning of sundries in cash slot.

ECB Compliant
ECB Article 6 compliant, capable of note authentication, sorting and tracking subjecting to banks' requirement.



Hypercom V5 keypad
DIP card reader
Contactless smart card reader/writer
Journal printer
Thermal printer
Barcode scanner
Palm Vein Scanner
Coin Dispenser
Electronic combination lock
PIN Pad shield
DVR surveillance system
Transaction image capture for surveillance
SecOne for software and network security